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URL: QueerSherlockian

Names: Zaza D

Birthday: August 14

Gender: Queer

Sexuality: Queer/Bisexual/Hella Homo

Height: 5’8”

Current Time Zone: PST

Time and Date: 4:48 PM; September 19, 2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Eh, about 5-7 hours if I’m lucky.

OTPs: Johnlock, Janelock, Jarene, Pre-Sherlock Jolto, Siren, Destiel, Zane/Ty, Eruri, and Stucky. 

Last thing you googled: 30 dollars in pounds

Most used phrases: “Sweet” and “Right, right, but…” and “Rad, man”

Last thing you said to a family member: “okay try it now” (i am the computer guru and i was helping my partner fix something. 

How many blankets I sleep under: none, just a duvet

Favorite beverage: Coffee, black, like my soul

First word that comes to mind: beach

Place that makes you happy and why: 5 star Hotel & their private beach

Last movie watched at the cinema: The November Man

3 things you can’t live without: My cell phone, Chap Stick, and my Kindle (Ash mine are the exact same! LOL!)

Something you plan on learning: to speak Spanish, i can pretty much understand, but not speak it.

A piece of advice for all my followers: orientation labels (gay, bi, agender whatever) are just tools. they are not set in stone. as you grow and change they may as well, and that’s normal!

You all have to listen to this song: Madness - Muse (AGAIN Ash SAME!!!)

My blogs: queersherlockian, queershipper for anime ships, queerfandom for random fandom shizz, and queersherlock which is where my smutty johnlock fan art is found

I’m going to tag ALL OF YOU who haven’t done this, and the rest of you who’d like to do it again!!! XD

So I just moved into my dorm room today and as I excited as I am, I'm just feeling kind of down and homesick. I just feel really out of place here. I know that's a normal thing, but I was wondering what is the best way to deal with that! I'm also pretty quiet and not very outgoing, too.

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are you aware of the Cultural Adjustment Cycle? if not, it’s the common pattern of emotions that you go thru when you move somewhere new. check out this site (X) it might help deepen your understanding.

also, you are in the BEST place in the world to make new friends. everyone there is from all over the place, and there are most def many ppl you’d love to be friends. don’t worry, you’ll find your ppl. but you’re going to have to leave your dorm room to meet them- most likely. 

so join clubs, study groups, dorm groups, anything where you think you’ll find ppl who are looking for new friends, and keep searching until you find your tribe! best of luck!!!


This lie is a kindness.

John already lost Sherlock, buried him, and never managed to stop mourning him. There was no getting over Sherlock’s death for John, even after two years, and I expect he never really would have got over it if it had been true. When he talks about Sherlock two years on, he looks just as broken as he did immediately after it happened. Sherlock’s death always stays fresh for him, even after he decides to move on. That’s a wound that wouldn’t ever entirely heal, unless Sherlock could do the impossible thing and do what John asked of him: don’t be dead.

The first time, he could.

So this time around, Sherlock knows he’s going to die for real, but keeps that fact from John. He lets John think that after his six months undercover, he’ll have some unknown, new adventure somewhere. And then another, and another. Swashbuckling his way across the planet, getting into scrapes and getting out of them again. Instead of John mourning Sherlock’s death forever, he could imagine him out there somewhere solving crimes, being brilliant, making the world a less dark place. He’d read about mysterious, amazing things in the papers and wonder if it’s Sherlock’s work. For the rest of his life he could image him like that, Sherlock the lone crusader, changing the world, unable to come home, unable to take John with him, but not for lack of wanting to, and not for lack of love. It’s just circumstances beyond their control. He’d be gone, but for John he’d still out there. Missing Sherlock is hard, but mourning him is harder.

Mary can tell when Sherlock is lying, but John can’t, and Sherlock knows it.

Sherlock now understands what his death would do to John. So he very kindly gives him something better.

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