Johnlocked & Benaddicted Queer


That’s where – as a romance – it’s an incredibly British affair. There’s an awful lot of beautifully understated subtlety and nuance to it. (x)

manicpengwingdreambatch: #i love the way they touch each other#and i mean#i am a huge proponent of switchlock#but please notice that john is performing the ‘active’ role in all the touching in these gifs#sherlock does not take the initiative to touch once#and i know that doesn’t say anything#but if we are going by stereotypes that does kind of scream bottomlock#sherlock is the ‘receptive’ character physically-speaking#and i know that in these instances it is quite likely because he doesn’t want to scare john off#but yeah#calling it as i see it#i’d like to believe in switchlock#i like switchlock#but i think it’s gonna be a long time before sherlock feels comfortable taking an active role in any sort of physical interaction with john#and yes i am fully aware that active vs passive and top vs bottom are not the same in real life#and i don’t think their sexual predilections are going to come up in the show at all anyway#but if there are ANY assumptions to be made#that’s what I see at first glance#bottomlock#lots of bottomlock

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