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I sat the family down and actually watched 2 full episodes of Sherlock with them! And of course mum goes on about how Sherlock's my soul mate whenever he acted like an asocial dork (which was loads of times as you well know)

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LOL! i want a reality show of you and ur mum. i would tune in every week for that ish!!! we all know Sherlock’s soul mate is hot blonde army doctor, but i doubt that you’re too broken up about it since you have your own sexy blonde to go home to!!

At my college there are three choirs, and I auditioned. I found out today I got put in one, and after talking with some of my friends in choirs, I found out it's the lowest-ranking one. I'm really upset about this. The directors had no negative comments about my audition, people tell me I have a good voice, so I'm confused and frustrated that I'm in the bottom choir. I feel like shit about my singing abilities now :( Any advice? Plz? :3

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it could be a number of things, but the only ppl who know for certain are the directors. so if you can calmly and casually ask them- i’m sure that they’d tell you why they placed you there. don’t give up on yourself, it may be something totally innocuous. just check with them before you let your brain freak you out!!!

Zaza! I need your help with a stupid question! What are the dates for the 2015 221bCon? I can't find that information on either their site or their tumblr, though that may just be 1:00 a.m. blindness here. Thanks! *hugs*

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wow you must be REALLY tired, it’s like the first thing on the page!

April 10-12 

get some sleep you poor dear!!!! XD