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I don't think people understand how upset I am about not meeting Benedict Cumberbatch. I live in a city that's 30 mins from LA and it seems like he's always there. And it's only two hours away to San Diego. Yet, I've still never met him. He's kind of my favorite person right now. It's highly upsetting to me that I've come so close but never been able to meet him. I'm literally in tears over it. Which probably has to do with the combination of allergies and exhaustion. But still.

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you are far far far from being alone. we all wish we could be there for a face to face, but he’s young- and working so much, you’ve still got loads of chances to meet him. DON’T GIVE UP!


Sherlock sitting on that bench unable to meet John’s eye as they talk about Sholto.  Unable to sit still while he talks about.. her.  Unable to stop gaping when John shifts into Captain mode.  Unable to hide the admiration and awe on his face when the good doctor grabs his hand and guides him as they save a life.  Together.

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